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Do you have problems paying your debts or being threatened with foreclosure or garnishment?

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Stop the foreclosures, repossessions, garnishments, lawsuits, and harassment.

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Stop Foreclosure. Stop Repossession. Stop Wage Garnishment.

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Oklahoma City Bankruptcy Lawyers

Experienced Bankruptcy Attorneys Proving Legal Solutions for Financially Difficult Times

If you are facing insurmountable debt, foreclosure, garnishment, or repossession, you are not alone. Fortunately, our legal system provides individuals and businesses an option to file for bankruptcy to allow a "fresh start." In the majority of instances, bankruptcy will solve many of your financial problems. Debt Solutions is here help you conquer your debt and any other financial struggles you may be facing.

We are experienced attorneys who guide our clients professionally, efficiently, and most importantly, cost-effectively through the process of seeking debt relief through the filing of bankruptcy. Our lawyers will provide personalized friendly service and we guarantee that you will directly meet with one of our attorneys and not a paralegal or secretary. Our clients receive our full attention all throughout the legal process; from their initial consultation, to the final outcome of his or her case. As our client, we will continually work toward a successful end result on your behalf by ending your debt related struggles.

By choosing to file bankruptcy, we can help you immediately with:

  • Stop Home Foreclosure
  • Stop Debt Collections
  • End Wage Garnishment
  • Prevent Auto Repossessions
  • Stop Any Debt Collection Lawsuits
  • End Harassing Phone Calls
  • End Harassing Letters
  • Restore Peace of Mind

Why choose us?

We understand that our clients often feel ashamed, overwhelmed, and guilty of having to file bankruptcy. We offer a free initial consultation with no strings attached. At our initial consultation, you will meet with one of our lawyers and your legal options will be evaluated including a determination of whether bankruptcy is the best course of action for you.

If there are other viable options rather than bankruptcy, such as debt settlement, our attorneys will let you know of those options and help you decide on the best course of action. Our clients receive our full attention from their initial consultation to the final outcome of their case. Call us at 405.702.7795 to schedule you free consultation.

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Will Chapter 7 Bankruptcies Increase in Oklahoma?

Over the last several years, bankruptcy filings in Oklahoma have slowly declined. Many bankruptcy experts attribute the decline of the number of bankruptcy filings due to the recent economic recovery from the recession that began in 2007. When the recession began, this caused many unfortunate persons and families having their homes foreclosed. In turn, many individuals and families filed bankruptcy in order to protect their home or to get rid of any excessive debts they incurred as a result of the foreclosure, including any deficiency judgments...


Repossession of Your Vehicle and its Consequences

Over the last several months, we have received several's e-mails and phone calls from prospective clients ask for their options after his or her car has been repossessed. Unfortunately, the bad news is that we usually cannot help most of our prospective client once his or her car has been repossessed. The reason a bank or other lender is able to repossess your car is because they have a "security interest" on your vehicle. This means that the bank or lender has an interest in your car until it is fully paid off. Under Oklahoma law, a loan company can take your vehicle at any time as long as it does not breach the peace...


Same Sex Marriages and Bankruptcy in Oklahoma

On June 26, 2013, the United States Supreme Court invalidated portions of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) which provides federal benefits to legally married gay couples. United States v. Windsor (2013). In doing so, the federal government is now required to recognize legally married gay couples. This includes the right to file "joint" bankruptcy petitions under chapter 7 and 13 under the Bankruptcy Code...


Payday Loans Will Lead you to Bankruptcy!

It's hard to ignore the need for "fast cash". I like many other people, have gone through tough financial times and was in need of temporary relief. But, it is my position that payday loans do more bad then good. Some things you probably don't know about payday loans are the following: (1) the finance amount is almost half as much as what is borrowed...


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